Covers Terms and Conditions

Alpaca Stud Cover Terms and Conditions


Mating is carried out in a pen observing strict bio-security measures.

Live birth guarantee – if a cover does not result in a live cria a replacement cover to the same male or to the value of previously paid cover is issued. Transport costs for mobile mating’s are not included. This is not transferable to another female. This applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Drive By Mating’s – whereby the owner brings the alpaca to our farm to be mated then returns home with served female. It is the responsibility of the owner to spit off and determine pregnancy. Females can return for a spit off up to six weeks post mating however we recommend organising scanning of females after this time.
These will be offered from May to early September.

Mobile Mating’s – charged at £2.00+VAT per mile each way from BT63 6AD.
Mobile mating’s are where the male visits the owners farm to service the female.
Note these dates are extremely limited and early booking is advised.

Females to be mated must be healthy, good weight and not over fleeced or service will be refused.

Payment is due 30 days from invoice issue.