Annual Vaccinations; Heptivac-‘P’ Plus or Bravoxin 10. – this is a combined 7 in 1 or 10 in 1 Clostridial plus Pasteurella vaccine. This subcutaneous injection is required annually at 2ml for adults and cria alike. Cria are given their first dose at 30 days and another booster at 60 days then annually after that.

Wormer – We recommend faecal testing that can be done instead of routinely worming as immunity can develop. We recommend faecal testing with Claire Whitehead of Camelid Veterinary Services. This is a specific alpaca test which may not be done with your local vet.

Flukiver – for the control and prevention of liver fluke. Oral drench given every 6-8 weeks from September-March (when wet). Not required during dry months.

Vitamin A, D & E – this is for the prevention of rickets and other vitamin deficiency related conditions and administered through either intermuscular injection (Bioveta – ordered through your vets) or oral Premier A,D3&E Paste+ supplied by ourselves. The paste needs to be administered every month from September to March (inclusively).

This is what we do and suggest you modify it to suit your own individual farm and circumstances. Develop your husbandry in conjunction with your local vet or by consultation with consultant vet with camelid specific expertise.