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Born: 09/06/2012
Huacaya – Colour: Light Fawn.
Colour DNA Result; eeaa (Fawn/hidden black)


Sire: Hemiccoyo Matrix 2 (Fawn) Dam: Fairplace Angelina (White)

Conformationally correct female on a perfect frame. Her fleece has retained its amazing fineness and SD consistently year on year despite being consistently pregnant. Great density and character of fleece.
Previous cria; has had a cria every year since starting her breeding career. 3 females and 2 males including white, fawn and brown. She had her 2023 cria quite late in the season so is currently not pregnant.
Halter trained. 2017 National show – 2nd huacaya Jnr female light.

Fleece results;
2016 14.9m 3.6sd 100% cf,
2018 19.3m 4.3sd 98.6% cf, 
2023 21.4m 4.5sd 96.5% cf
2024 21.6m, 4.1sd, 96.8% cf

Price £4200 (Inc VAT)

Born: 04/06/2019
Huacaya – Colour: Solid Black
Colour DNA results:Eeaa (D Brown/Black) 


Sire: Hemiccoyo Matrix 2 (Fawn) Dam: Urcuchillay Mercedes (M Brown)

Porscha stands on a conformationally correct frame with a true to type head which she passes on to her cria. Her fleece is very stylish with a great degree of character.
Porscha produces a huge amount of fleece cutting 2.45kg in her blanket alone at 2024 shearing.

Pregnant to Bozedown Major League (White) due 21st June 2024.

Price £4200 (inc VAT)


Three non-breeding females

HOUGHTON AMARYLLIS – Fawn. Born 27/05/2011

LIGHTFOOT KRISTA – White. Born 09/06/2012

HOUGHTON MASQUERADE – Black. Born 14/04/2006

Price Reserved

Born: 31/05/2023
Huacaya – Colour: Mid Brown


Sire: Houghton Prometheus         Dam: Urcuchillay Florence

Ballymac Nicholl presents herself very well by walking on a conformationally correct frame in every way with a very loveable personality.
Her fleece is rated superfine which she carries throughout her midsection and well into her extremities. The SD of this lovely lady speaks volumes on her uniformity and when you mix this with her level of density we have an eye catching well presented female that carries an abundance of quality fleece traits that would be at home in any brown or coloured breeders paddock.

Price £3000 (Inc VAT)

Born: 30/05/2023
Huacaya – Colour: Black
Colour DNA results: EEaa (Black)


Sire: Urcuchillay Smokin’ Ace (Grey) Dam: NZ Southern Chantellinis of Urchuchillay (Grey)

Ash is a well grown female for her age.
She hails from grey genetics on both sides so I would suggest she could lend herself well to grey breeding.
She strides on a well-balanced frame while carrying a fine fleece with a great uniformity of colour as well as style.
A very nice female for someone whom is aiming to darken their herd with the wild card chance of producing grey!

Price £2400 (Inc VAT)

Born: 13/08/2023
Huacaya – Colour: White


Sire: Houghton Prometheus (Fawn) Dam: Greenstone Clio (Brown)

Sally is such a sweet natured female and would be very suited to a herd with young family.
She is conformationally perfect and carries an ultra-fine fleece right across her midsection while maintaining a good degree of density and style.
A perfect female for anyone starting their alpaca journey.

Price £2400 (Inc VAT)

Born: 30/06/2022
Huacaya – Colour: D Brown
Colour DNA results: Eeaa (D Brown/Black)


Sire: Inca Law Enforcer (Black) Dam: White Rose Too Precious (Fawn)
Fabulous female, very dense with great fineness.
Great potential from this female. Grey spot on her back line opening up breeding possibilities.
Ready to breed this season.

Fleece results;
2023 15.7m 3.6sd 100% cf
2024 20.2m, 4sd, 98.2% cf

Price £3300 (Inc VAT)